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France 26.11.18

Dear Father
Just a short note to let you know where we are. As far as we know at present our destination hasent been altered we are on our way for Cobblenz on the Rhine at present we are just on the Belgian Border at a place called Beaumeuse have covered about fourty miles of the 220 we have to do. We have marched through [indecipherable] few of the liberated villages there are a good many civilians still in some of the places needless to say the poor devils are very pleased to to be free again. The tales they tell about their treatment they received at the hand of the Germans. Well needless to say they arent to their credit. The railway has been well mined all the way up to date. The civilians here say the Belgians have fared much better than the French as they used to sell to the people across the border. We are about two kilos from the border so far I cant say how Belgiam is but shall be abel to tell you more about the conditions in there the next letter I write you. We have passed a good many soldiers &amp: civilians making back from

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