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we are still on the old favourite stew only get it at midday porridge usually for breakfast &amp: rice or tapioca for tea. I think take it all round the food at Liverpool was ahead of here. Talking about the mighty hunter. All our company has been troubled as we all though with an itch. We were putting it down to the sand. Yesterday some one made an investigation &amp: found it was lice.Oh what a spring cleaning then all hands stripped & we all found we had body lice on us from the sargt major down.
If any one feels a slight itching now you will see a search warrant out straight away. A few of them are carrying a tin of insect powder in their pockets. I couldent help laughing. Little did I think when we used to joke about S.N. I would be effected so soon. Makes me scratch to think of them. It is a very interesting occupation I can assure you as soon as we come off parade off come the clothes for inspection Well I will have to have one now no more this time
Love to all your sincere son
Still address 9th of 1st Clyde
Will write when to change address Clyde

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