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ground we have gone over.At present we are having a spell for awhile. Oh I met Harold Arnold the night we came from the line.We marched past their billets &amp: Harold made enquiries as to where I was. Then came around to our camp later on. It was a very pleasant surprise to meet him I can tell you. He was the last I expected to see. I had given up all hopes of ever dropping across any of them. Harold said the last time he saw Reg Gibson he said he was going for his commission so I dare say he has it by this. Harold looks very well I thought. Of coarse we had a long talk about all we had left behind. I am afraid I was very poor company that night though as I was dead beat.We had only been away from the line a day or so &amp: had had a pretty rough spin. This section went over the bags three times in eight days so you may guess we werent on a picnic excursion. I went to Harold's billet with him stayed for awhile &amp: had supper then we walked back towards my own quarters. I would have liked to have seen him again but we moved off again the following day. But am hoping to meet him again shortly now. Well the weather has taken a turn here now the rain has started &amp: the nights are

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