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eventually we reached the first chamber. This was the kings chamber half way up the Pyramid. You couldent see anything with the candle so the guide produced a piece of stuff like the spring from a watch. He gave me to understand that by lighting the end of this it would flare up to give one a good look round. It cost me a Piastre to have it lit needless to add. Well from what I saw it was just a large square place certainly splendidly done no amateur's work the wall's & roof as well finished as any of our stone masons could have done. Well the next was the Queen's Chamber. I didn't add it was frightfully hot inside the perspiration was pouring off me. Didn't intend giving in though. Well to get to the Queen's Chamber we had to come along a ledge just wide enough to allow one to walk. darkness below should one fall it is hard to say where you would pull up. The guide wanted to take my hand but I wasent having any I decided to sit down & slide along thought it safer. When we reached the end of this the guide disappeared overhead. I looked up & saw him standing above me. I dident see how I was going to get there but on reaching up could just catch hold of the ledge where he stood. There was a small pocket there for the finger's he caught one hand & between us I scrambled up. Was plain sailing from there to the Queen's Chamber here it was another Piastre for the flash again this was very similar to the other place. Then he must tell my fortune just for fun he put it: He sat down in one corner I had to sit opposite & he drew a plan in the dust like this [ a pin picture of a man with five limbs]

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