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to mount guard. He will just about do his stripes in &amp: get returned to France. He had been sent across here for six months as an instructor so will do it all in. Am hoping to hang on across here until the end of this month as shall be entitled to another four days leave then. Shant have any money left for Paris leave am afraid but have asked the Bank to send some across so if they do I shall be alright. Am having as good a time as I can while here. As Fritz may declare a rough house shortly after I reach France &amp: there is always the chance of a cross so am going the pace while I have the chance. I cant make out why Bert doesint get my letters lately have been sending them, C/O Aust Red Cross secretary. I have also sent him a photo I hope it reaches him safely. Poor old Bert he wont be sorry when the war is over &amp: there are others the same. I for one am fed right up

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