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fair number of bombs to hunt me out of England. That is in a decent job not at one of the training camps though I very soon get tired of that. I fancy it is Harry's eyes that keep him across there then again it is only right he should stay as someone has to fill the Job &amp: I think his case as deserving as any. I haven't seen anything of Oram for ages I don't think there is any need to worry about him He hasint seen too much of France &amp: I have heard he isent too bright either. His men dident give him a very good name in the line. Of coarse I don't know what he is like we were in different companies. Have you ever met Littler since he returned he was a fine chap in or out of the line. He got his commission I think I told you his Father was killed shortly after he came to France No there arint many of us left half a dozen would be the very outside. Well I cant think of anything else to write about so shall have to close for this time. Love &amp: best wishes to all
Your sincere son Clyde

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