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No 3 Comand Depot
Bovington Camp

Dear Father
I received your letter this morning telling me about Bert. I have been wondering why I hadint heard from him. Guessed he must have been drafted to the 53rd Batt as that is the sister Batt to the 1st. As soon as I heard of the cutting up the 5th Division had got I wrote to Headquarters & asked if there was any casuality report about a Giles but didn't receive any answer to the letter. Evidently it didint reach them as they are very good in that respect. Any information you ask for they will if they have any account of it. I cant say I envy Bert his position over there. Mind I think all this talk about Germany being in a state of starvation all rot. Judging by the men they are well fed & clothed & their emergency rations are well done up for them also. I can speak from experience. Have raided more than one German pack. Their biscuits are much softer than ours. Then they have bully beef as we have. Some had German sausage but I didn't care very much for that too much garlic in it for my fancy. But it is all fish that comes into a soldiers net

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