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on my sick furlough. She is a very nice girl who lives at Birmingham. Harry is working in the A.I.F. Parcels office for three months. His wife gave me a very pressing invitation to go to Birmingham the next leave I get. Said she was going to find me a wife. But have my doubts on that score. But intend going to their place for all that. I don't know why she is so anxious to see me married. I stayed with them for a few days while in London. Then went to some people in Cambridge. I can see fourteen days wont be any use to me shortly to go around &amp: see everyone. I get four days a month leave from here so that is something to look forward to. my arm has quite healed but the mustles down the back of the arm are still swollen. When I reported here had to go before the camp Dr. to be examined he was going to reject me on account of the arm. Said it the arm wasent strong enough for this work it wouldent be for anything else so he said well we shall give you a trial &amp: see how you get on. He is afraid the vibration of the gun will settle it. I am living in hopes that it will. I don't mind loosing the use of it for awhile. Won't be any more France

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