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we haven't been as fortunate this time as last have had a lot more causalities. Every day there are two or three. The only consolation we have is that while they are getting a few of our fellows we must be doing the same to them. Just had to break off our artillery was shaking the Germens trench up again. Oh you should see it. When a high explosive bursts there are pieces of bag boards etc falling for five minutes after. Would sooner see this than the best play ever staged. We are getting some of the Reins Bert came across with. Have been expecting Bert to come along all day. They havent all come yet. I had a letter from Aunt Lily Thacker yesterday she said Uncle Doc had failed tp pass the Dr so his chance of getting across is finished. It is no use things are too lively across the way. I must see how firing trench is faring. Will finish this off later. 19th The Germens trench fared very badly last night. Then again last night our fellows got at them again. But this morning put the cap on the lot you would think a traction engine had hit the trench in a good few places. Their was a gas alarm given last night on our left. Our artillery started straight away & if they didn't paste Germany well it is a pity. The night before we had a gas alarm also. I was on watch at the time the first I heard was a church bell ringing frantically then the alarm came straight along the line. Well it was amusing to hear it. You have never heard such a medly of rows. The nearest I have ever heard is it was a chinese band. I found a paper & envelope in one of the lost papers I recieved. You haven't been getting my letters evidently. I heard the mail would be stopped for awhile after we arrived here. Well father will have to ring off will be abel to write you a long letter
when we get out of the trenches feel a bit sleepy now.
Love to all your sincere son Clyde

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