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I came from there to the Egyptian Bazaar. Of course their Sunday is our Friday so work goes on just the same as usual. This bazaar is just a narrow street just wide enough to walk through with business places on either side. You can buy anything here from a pin to an anchor. The tailor's etc all sit out in front of their shops to work. I also saw them grinding spice. They have a large brass or bronze pot & an iron bar they just pound away with this. They also grind their corn meal in this way. The fellow that was with me was a character. He has evidently been a very good pupil as he was a professional swearer every thing he said was either followed with a string of oaths or put in front. He gave me a description of a Yankee girl that he had shown through this bazaar the last season. Well he had the Yankee twang off very pat even to the spit before he spoke. Well I got Yankee & Australian mixed. Well Father I have come to the conclusion these niggers are one too many for me. I got rid of this fellow when I reached the tram but not before I had threatened to knock his head off with the

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