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I would like to see him. We don't know what day or minutes in fact we shall have to pack & clear have had to send all spare clothes away. Just have what we can carry on our back all ready to go straight into action. I will tell you what you might do ask Walter Gibson if he would look into my bank account just to see that they are paying the money in I left behind. You see the game I have taken on now I may get a corner knocked off just accidently you know. Well Father if you hear any one say it never rains in Egypt just politely tell them they know nothing at all about it. All hands are out now digging a trench around the tent, it is raining like fun. We have had a couple of cases of Melingitus here lately. There is really very little sickness in the camp. I dare say it will be worse when the hot weather comes in if we are here to see it. Harry Cross & I are parted again. They have gone away don't think we shall go near them for some time. Norman Tayt is trying for the engineers is just waiting for a transfer. I shall be dead on my own then. Havint made any friends at all. As for the fellows that I came across with well we have been split up a bit. Have to close now Father don't know how much of this you will get. Am just O.K. Love to all

Your sincere son

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