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The Germen advance down this end. While the other four divisions have been doing very good work down the other end of the line. Things have settled a bit just now here there isent shelling going on except for an occasional raid. One of our Brigades made a very successful advance a few nights ago brought back nearly three hundred prisoners besides 30 M.Gs 5 trench mortars &amp: an anti Tank gun. Had practically no casualities. We were with them &amp: the Germens hardly fired a shot. The best stunt I have been on so far. I saw a very good aroplane scrap a couple of days before I went away to the school was out of the line waiting to go away. This night we were having tea when when some one called out to come &amp: see our planes bringing a Fritz plane down. There were four of our planes. They found Fritz up above the line observing.They got above him to force him down. He came pretty quietly for awhile but didn't like the idea of Fritz giving us his plane as he wouldent land so one of our planes came down at him. Then the fun commenced they were only a couple of hundred feet up nearly over where we were so we had a good view of it all Fritz put up a good fight. After awhile the plane that tackled him cleared for home. Fritz signalled with his guns then that he was finished &amp: came down alongside our billet. There was only one man in the machine &amp:he jumped out as the machine landed nose first didn't get hurt he had a bullet through his cap &amp: a couple of places in his tunic. Also a graze on the hand. When he landed he said Oh well I got one of your fellows so consider I am even. So he did ; he shot the pilot in the machine that tackled

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