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about thirty yards from our front line. They were coming over to pay us a visit at the same time. Well father it was the best bit of sport I have ever had. As soon as it came light we could see the Germens going for their lives. Just threw down their rifles &amp: cleared. Well we had sworn vengence against them just after coming down from the Somme We were camped billeted a little way from a French village (Hazelbruck) Well this place is fully twenty miles behind the lines. The Germens brought some heavy guns up &amp: started shelling this place. It was filled with civilians. Well it was a sight. I don't wish to see again. Old &amp: young women with children all ages were trailing along the road from the place looking for shelter. There were a few killed &amp: to make matters worse it was raining.l Well we all took a vow that Germany would pay for that work pretty dearly the first time we got at them &amp: so they did on Thursday 4th Oct.we had revenge. I was going across the flat &amp: put my gun team in a shell hole while our bombers were claiming a pill box of some Germen M Gunners. Well they bolted before we could get close enough to drop a few souviniers into them.. Then we had

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