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the school for the machine gun section but was told I was under orders to go to the front & couldent volunteer. They have me scratching that is the size of it I am not over anxious to see if the daisies will grow on my grave but I would certainly like to get a move on. I didn't come here for garrison work. There is talk here of there being a bit of trouble with the natives afraid of a rising if so we may get a go at some of them. I cant make out what happens to the letters we all wrote on the boat. No one here has received any answers to any letters written on the way across. Surely they were sent on. So far I have only had two papers a Sydney mail from Miss Smithers & Sunday Times from Nurse Hetherington am looking forward to being buried in letters &amp: papers this next week of coarse it takes some time to get the mails sorted out there are a fair number of bags to go through as you may guesss. Our leave has been stopped here. That is going out as we liked have to apply for a pass as at Liverpool. I don't bother much about it Cairo hasn't any attraction for me. Another reason the funds only last a couple of days

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