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Now to try &amp: give you what little news there is to give. The winter is getting nearer the end across here now only a couple of months &amp: we are through with it. It has been very mild up to the present &amp: now the days are drawing out &amp: the sun is getting a bit of warmth in it. This is rather a cold windy month but has started fairly well. We had a fall of snow last night but it has nearly all melted away now It hasent been at all bad nice &amp: warm in the sun but the wind would go through you received a withdrawal form from the Savings Bank yesterday to be filled in for £ 25 they had paid into my credit with the commonwealth Bank London Have signed it &amp: returned. But am wondering now if they have sent a second £ 25 as you said they wouldent transfer money on account of my not making arrangements before leaving. Havent been notified of a second lot to conclude they have stretched a point &amp: sent the £ 25. It has been very handy too with this spell I have had in England. I bought myself a decent uniform while on leave the last time &amp: left it with Harry Cross's wife so I shall have it if I happened to get across here wounded again. Thought it a good investment while I had the money one likes to look decent while on leave. Our uniform certainly looks very well if it fits but a fit me quick well they make you feel (4)

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