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Private Giles A C
YI Company
Liverpool 1.7.1915

Dear Father
Yours to hand today. Roy delivered the watch yesterday safely. Thanks very much for it it is a very nice one. The case dident fit it Father so I bought one here was afraid I might break the glass while uncovered. Gave Roy the other case to take in with him. Was pay day yesterday so couldent get away had to stay & collect the cash. Was going to break leave tonight & come in but the cold isnt as well as it could be so thought I had better stay in camp. Will put in for the week end leave don't know if I shall get it. Can only refuse it. Dont know what kind of a crowd of non coms we have yet. Only sargents in charge at present. I have had a couple of arguments with different ones. They have no more idea of system than well a rabbit. It is a fair game of grab for food in this company. I spoke to one tonight asked him why it couldent be served out better. He started to tell me what we would get on active service he looked very small when I told him I had served out more rations for active service than he

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