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convalescences. I have been down at Cambridge for a few days.One of the V.A.D.Nurses invited me to go & stay with her people. I stayed there for four days & had a very good time. Had a look through some of the colleges & places of interest. There is no doubt the workmanship in these old places is very fine. I haven't seen anything to equal it before. Havint had much of a look around London yet. As have only just arrived back from going out to have a look at the zoo this afternoon. Had to leave this as dinner was on hope to finish off now. Have just arrived back from a trip to the zoo. Have had a very good afternoon. There were about fifty of us started from the Club her. All in charge of a couple of boy scouts. They think it a great honour to show the Australians around. We kept together very well until we reached our destination but as soon as we got inside well. It was amusing to see the scouts trying to keep the crowd together. The last I saw of them they were trying to collect what they could to show them the way home. Myself & another fellow thought we knew the way so started on our own. Well we got hoplessly lost.I don't know where we didn't get to. Found our way eventually though. Trust an Australian for that. We went through Regent Park going. It was a fine sight to see the people feeding the different birds pigeons sparrows & squirrels. You would see the things fly down & feed out of their hands. It was a very fine sight: I can tell you the squirrels are pretty things

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