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D Company
1st Batt. 1st Inf. Bgde 5.2.16
A.I.F. Egypt 5.2.16

I received Miss Brown's parcel the other day. Have written & thanked her. The cake was as fresh as when cooked even if it has been three months coming across. Don't worry we shall bag the Kaiser this year & what a time all shall have then. Clyde.

Dear Father

Havent had any letters from you lately. I dare say I shall get a bundle one of these days. Well I am going into the machine gun section. They call it the suicide Club here. The Say the life of a machine gunner's life is only six minutes after they locate the gun the enemy. That may be but one will account for a fair number in that time considering they fire about a thousand rounds a minute. I have had three times tries to get into the section so am satisfied now. We are to go to Yeritoun for three week's instruction then join the Battalion again. I don't know where we are going to but it is rumered that we are going across to France in the spring. I hope it is true. We shall have a chance to show the square heads what we can do then. I had a letter from Miss Smithers today. She and her brother had sailed for Egypt. I have just been making enquiries about the Reins he is in. I am told they are at Heliopolis so I shall see them if we go to Yeritoun. I wish I knew what Bert was in I dare say he is across here now

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