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Belton Park

Dear Father
Saw in the paper a few days ago where the January mail up to the 16th had gone to the bottom of the sea so we shall have to wait until the next boat arrives now.I wrote you last week when I received word from you of Bob Sloane's death &amp: gave you all particulars about him as far as I knew. he left a will with the Public Trustees Wellington while we were on the transport but told me he had altered it before coming away with the forces so he may have left it with the Dunedin branch. You might see what you can find out about it. There may be some guide as to his relations. I know he has people in Ireland.As we had agreed while in France when I last met him we would try &amp: get our leave together &amp: he was going to take me across to see his people. The address he gave me to write to was Miss S.A.Timpany "Supreme Court Hotel" Queenstown. Otago. N.Z.

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