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you secure all you can in the eating line because you don't know how long you will be before they can get food through to you. If the Germans put a barage of fire behind you as they usually do well you are caged until our artillery knock his guns out. Fritz doesent like standing up to you man for man as soon as he sees you are going to get into his trench he goes. Then the artillery starts oh they fire every thing they have over at you. It is very interesting I can assure you . It is a case of who is next. You will have had some of my letters before this telling you of my recovery.Am OK again ready to go back & have another got. Yes I earned my stripes alright although I say it myself.There were only two of us left on my gun. In the first attack we had a Poziers. All the company we were attached to were wiped out so we had to hold the companys front with the one gun. It was just a bluff. Luckily the Germans dident counter attack. Or I should have been decorated now with one of those white crosses so common in France today. But death hasint any sting when you are in the line. You just make up your mind that it is ten to one on your coming out alive & decide to take as many Fritzes with you as you can before you are knocked out. The time you feel it most is when being relieved you are afraid every time you hear a shell that it is going to burst alongside you

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