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during the day. Then at night the coloured lanterns &amp: fireworks were introduced. The Australians were given a very hearty welcome needless to say. That is what few there were in the town we were literally covered with buttons &amp: flags got up for the occasion. It was rather confusing at night. Of coarse all had as much wine aboard as they could carry. You would see a string of men coming Aust Yanks &amp: a Frenchie or two arm in arm all trying to sing a different song. The French man couldent sing anything except the National Anthem. It was very laughable I can tell you Our Division was on its way up to the take over the front line when Fritz threw in the towl. I can assure you we werent looking forward to going in either as one felt how unlucky should they get cracked at this stage of the war as we were expecting Germany to come across with the white flag at any time. I dont know where they are at present But I think they are to form part of the army of occupation. It will be rather an experience marching to the Rhine wont it. Oh well hope during the next year to be back in Australia. The 1915 men should be the next to go so shall be among then. Well I really cant write father at all so better later on. May have more to tell you then. Tell Miss Smiths etc shall write them but when I can settle down. To it.Love &amp: best wishes.Your sincere son

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