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to clear out. Also bought a stick before setting out. He immediately said Oh I am not a guide but an Egyptian policeman. Asked what tram I wanted said I am here to tell what visitors wanted to know. I said I intended going to the Zoo. Oh he said you cant get in there before half past one & it was only half past eleven. So said have you seen the Egyptian bazaar yet that is worth seeing will put in your time until it is time for the Zoo. I thought for a while then decided it would be rather lame waiting all that time so decided to go & see the bazaar. He was going to put me on the right track. Hadent gone far when he suggested a game (caina for 2 Piastres. I agreed so he climbed into the front seat while I sat in state in the back. Well he turned around & suggested going to a couple of old mosques. Said you give me ten Piastres that cover everything well from former experiences this was a cheap per hours that is equal to. If I went to these Mosques They were worth seeing of course as old as the hills. The doors were covered with brass work all small pieces of different designs fixed in together. Inside the first was a batch of carpet makers. The dome of the place well I have never seen anything like it. It was very large and appeared to have been all done with small pieces of cut glass. It was all colours. Then the light coming through. The second place was very much the same. The thing that always strikes me is. They always have a kind of a bay window business. This is always towards the east or facing Mecca.

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