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Bovington Camp
Address Batt.France

Dear Father
I dare say you are wondering why I havint written lately to tell you the truth I haven't been abel to settle to writing. I don't know what has come over me. While in France it wasint any trouble to sit down & write but since leaving have been upside down as it were. I dare say it is just a reaction after the time we have been having out there. Have spoken to three or four others about writing they say they are the same way. It is only natural ones nerves are a bit shaken. I feel tip top myself. As well as ever I did just the feeling you cant sit down for any time..Sleep & eat well like a horse. As for the fighting etc well that never enters your head. I wrote you from Weymouth camp. Also sent a P Card. A view of the Convalescint Hospital I was in I hope it reaches you safely. I havint had any mail for some time now. Of coarse this moving about upsets everything. There is a draught leaving here tonight to return to France. I am a stand by. In the event of any one being away I shall go across

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