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I got along with the helmet. Also a lovely dagger taken from a German Dr besides other things but have lost all those things now. Oh well shall start another collection when I get back. Now I have that address I can send them here as I get them it is very awkward trying to carry things about with me. I received a letter from Mr Lunn this morning also one from his Brother in Law here. He wrote a very nice letter asking me to go & see them if I can get away. I may get another four days before leaving here if I do shall go & look him up Also the address you have given. There isint any word yet as to when the next draught is going to France. I shall be among them.We are moving to another camp tomorrow I don't know where it is yet some say to Salsbury Plain. Shall hunt Harold Arnold up. If we go there. We have had some pretty cold weather here the last week. Had a slight fall of snow one day not sufficient to lay about the ground though all hands were anticipating a good time snow balling but it didint come off. Well father I cant think of anything else to write about this time shall write again in a few days as soon as I hear from the people I am writing to about Bert Don't worry about either of us we shall pull through alright never fear. Love & best wishes to all your sincere son Clyde

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