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we get paid every ten days needless to say it doesent last long. I am very glad I didn't bring any more with me it would go just the same. Oh was taken down last Sunday for fountain pen. These niggers will have my carcase yet. I was barrocking one of the tram guards for a button off his coat eventually I got it but after I left the tram I discovered I had lost the pen hence the bad pencil. Oh well Tuesday is pay day will be abel to finance another then it is to be hoped I am making a collection of badges of the different regiments only want about half a dozen more to fill the belt. Will send it across to you when full. Wont know how the parcels go. The eleventh Reinfets arrived here a couple of days ago. I went down to see if I could find Reg Gibson but was told he isint in the 11th of 2nd so am waiting now in hopes of his finding me. I daresay Bert will soon be making across now. If this reaches you before he leaves. Tell him to come out to Abaseir if we haven't gone to the front will be there I dare say. I think we will do the winter here now move after the cold weather some where not Galipoli either.

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