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but that isent going to spoil our sleep. I think we shall be abel to hold our own We are pretty close to the fighting now can hear the bombarding very plain also see the shrapnel bursting when they fire at the aeroplanes. We shall be in the trenches in a few days now. I was disapointed at the towns I have seen. Expected to see much finer buildings. The houses are all very old fashioned also the townships & villages. We were very well treated all the way across. Whenever the train stopped there were girls with tea &amp: coffee for us Then the train stopped a couple of times a day &amp: we were given tea. This was arranged for us all the way through. We had one accident coming along A corporal out of my old company fell out of the train during the night
no one missed him until the following morning Then word came through one of the Australian troops had been picked up along the line with both his legs cut off. We have heard since that

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