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said Sargt Oram is getting his commission also but he hasent it yet. We are away from the firing line just now having a spell for a while. I dare say we shall soon be back again. I dare say the next time we go in we shall have a livelier time than last time. We are all hoping so at all events.. You say there is very little war news in the papers we get the English papers here but there is practically no news in them. Of coarse there isent much doing just now anywhere except at Verdun they have been shaking things up there for some time. The French have certainly had a pretty tough time of it there but from all accounts they have put an end to the Germans in that quarter.We don't know what is doing except on our own front. We are having splendid weather here now regular spring weather. The rain seems to have taken up I cant say that we are at all sorry. The country is a regular picture everything so nice & green. The crops are up about a foot heigh. It reminds me of the days when I used to be in the bush. The only differences is the cultivation paddocks are a bit smaller if one were to put one of those big ploughs into these paddocks you wouldn't be abel to turn around. I would have liked to have seen France before the war it must be a very pretty place when things are in proper going order have just received the first bundle of papers that you are sending we shall have any amout of reading for a couple of days now.

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