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then went through the left arm. The Fritz that fired at me was behind &amp: I suppose was a bit shakey fired for the heart but pulled of. Needless to say we dident as soon as we attacked the shell hole he was laying in.Oh well a miss is as good as a mile. I am nearly as fit as ever I was. Shall be back again in a couple of months to have another go at them. I am trying for a transfer from the 1st Batt to the Brigade MG Company. Don't know how I shall get on yet. In the mean time am going through a two months M.G.Coarse at the M.G. Depot.I shall be alright so long as the Batt doesent claim me as soon as I go back to France. There is one thing I shall miss the biggest part of the winter that is the main thing. I havent any ambition to put in another winter in France the last one satisfied me I shall never forget what we had to go through out there last winter.Were half dead with the cold then weren't half fed &amp: what we did get was frozen that hard you couldent cut it or eat it. One had to see it to believe what it was like. Bread was a thing you couldent cut with a knife. You would see them get it on the duck boards in the bottom of the trench &amp: trying to divide it with a bayonet. Then when we were to be relieved were nearly too weak to carry

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