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It fairly knocked the wind out of me at first. I had two men in my section that were just having their taste of fire &amp: had to keep consoling them. Then when they heard me grunt they thought I was hit were just going to bolt. As I saw them &amp: made them lay down again. It was our only hope to lay still &amp: trust to luck. Well we suffered the barrage for some time At last some Batt on our right was getting wiped out &amp: they sent up the S.O.S. That did it our artillery wasint to open for another half an hour but as soon as the S.O.S went up. They started well the German batteries closed just like an oyster. The first wave got up &amp:started to follow the battage. No word came for us to move so I got up to see what was doing. I went to the section on my left. Well I shall never forget the sight. A shell had landed had landed among them the one on my right the same so I got my section together &amp: started off after the first wave. I never saw anyone from my Batt up to the time I was wounded am afraid they were nearly all knocked out. As there were no troops on our sector.I went ahead. We struck the first Germens

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