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There isnt any news as to when we are to go away. We are not likely to hear either. Won't be advertised like it was before. Did Miss Smith get the post card I sent her. Tell her I thought we were to go away the next day & wanted to send her something to remember me by. I know her weakness for comic P.Cards. There hasn't been any thing startling of late. We are all getting tired of this delay. Havent heard from Bert yet have been wondering how they are getting along. I suppose the U.S.S. Co will be afraid to send their boats across to the Islands now. After the bombarding of Papeete wouldnt be very nice to get one of those boats after the "Atua" would it.
She would have to make herself scarce. I suppose things are much the same in Sydney as when I left. Wish we were taking troops from Sydney instead of here. This is not much of a place to be held up in. The troops are getting plenty of drill & marching out every day somewhere.
Tell Bert Mr Anderson has been transferred to the Movaki as 2nd Steward & Lloyd Lloyd is here in his place. I was sorry Mr Anderson had to leave. But it wasent good enough for him to go the way he was. Lloyd seems a very nice fellow. Mr Anderson wanted me to go to the Movaki with him but I am too bent on this trip. If this boat goes so am I. I don't care what is ahead so long as we get away

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