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Heliopolis, Egypt.
8th Nov. 15

when writing Father just put the address I gave you coming across. I dare say before you get this we shall be in action. The camp isent too bad. We have large huts to sleep in similar to Liverpool only built of pine & no floor's. We get the usual army rations that is what we had in Liverpool. Then the Egyptians Government allow us 8d a day per man extra. That is to buy anything we care to in the grocery line. The mess sargent get's a slip of paper to the value of what ever the company is. He can cash that in goods from the camp store. We get eggs & tinned fruit & things. I can tell you we are living very high. will will close this now want to catch this mail & have some more letters towrite will be abel to give you an idea of the Pyramids next time. love to all your sincere son Clyde

Dear Father
We have landed at last as you will see by heading. We had a very good trip across. With the exception of the first couple of day it was a very good trip. We landed at Suez & came across by train. I wasent looking forward to the train journey at all but it turned out to be interesting. We left Suez at half past ten in the morning & arrived here at half past five that evening. It wasent at all hot in the train. We had a good breeze all the way. I was always under the impression that Egypt was a barren hole. That idea has been knocked clean out of my head. When leaving Suez you see a few palm trees & things along the canal. but as you come along. The belt widens. Corn is the principal thing grown. As far as you can see on both side of the line is nothing but corn. Thousands of acres of it. Also date palm's.

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