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Dear Father
Just a short note this time as news is very scarce here at present.Am still going strong as you will see. Well I posted you a parcel a few days ago a few souveniers I picked up during this advance. There is a book (German) of views taken behind the German lines. It is principally his Headqrts staff but there are other views as well. It will be some thing to look at when we get through with this job. There is also a small tin box with a couple of belt buckles &amp: odds &amp: ends.Well the weather still holds good but today is very warm more like a summer day. It is to be hoped it keeps like this for awhile longer &amp: I think we shall have Fritz little more inclined to listen to reason than he has been up to the present. There is one thing certain if things go on until the next spring well he will wish his Mother had never met his Father. Have received two letters from you lately. So Evy Syme has succeeded in getting divorced. It will be a relief to her she wont have the dread any more of his coming back to trouble her. Have they ever found out where Syme drifted to. I don't suppose he enlisted &amp: came across to France. I don't think it would appeal to him at all

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