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Sust M.G.T Depot
Belton Park

Dear Father
Received three letters from you on Sunday along with some other Aust mail. I hadent had any mail for some time &amp: was wondering where my mail could have gone to was swearing all kinds of vengence against Fritz for sinking our mail as that is the thing we look forward to most of all. You will have had my letter long ago written from Hsptl. The arm is much better the last few days the swelling is going down fairly well now. Oh I shall be abel to settle accounts with Fritz again as soon as I get through this coarse here. That wont be for a month yet at least. Oh well while here the winter is passing so that is a good deal to be thankful for. The cold weather has me bluffed more than Fritzs shells. Now you don't want to get uneasy when you hear I have been wounded. Just take it for granted it isent very severe. I think I have a charmed life have up to the present at all events &amp: hope it continues that way.

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