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Dear Father

I dare say you are wondering why I missed last mail. Well we were moving back to the firing line & I dident feel up to writing. We are dead unlucky each time we have taken over the trenches it has rained. We had splendid weather while out the night we started back it rained. Needless to say we were also wet through. It has taken us all to now to pull ourselves together. Things have been a bit livelier this time than last. Mostly raiding parties. Some of our fellows went across to the Germen trenches the other night, bombed the Germens out went in and had a good look around. They blew up a couple of machine Guns & captured six prisoners. They all got back safely no one hit at all. They returned loaded with souvenirs helmets etc. I believe they brought away all they could carry. Another party started out the following night but the Germens were waiting just out side our barb wire for them & bombed them. They all got into the trench again but a couple were wounded. The Officer in charge had sixteen wounds I so guess he had his share. Another lot went out last night with their minds made up to have a got at the Germen patrol. They found them alright. They killed four Germens & lost one of their own men. We don't know if he was killed or taken prisoner.

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