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I would like to see her fleet come out & let our fellows get a go at it. The war wont last much longer then. The Russians are shaking the Turks up a bit now from all accounts. I had to smile at Evvie Gunns sea experience. She used to be so confident she wouldn't get sea sick. She dident stick to it for long. I am sorry to hear Mr. Pinson hasent been too well but hope he has quite recovered before this. Is there any talk of Ida Jonesis marriage. I thought she was engaged to young Mumford of Dubbo. I haven't seen her for years now. I guess Aunt Kate wouldent like Wallace enlisting. I don't think is a good thing for him either. I don't think he is a very strong boy & is very nervous. Of course he may take things better than some of the apparently quiet easy going ones. I am afraid poor Les will have to content himself at home poor kid he wouldent be much use with only one arm. There are any amount of more suitable men left yet. I expect you will be kept pretty busy at the office for some time now. Then you are sure to be short handed as well. There have been a fair number of the Printing Office men enlisted hasint there. Well Father I have written myself out this time. Will close now with love to all.
From your sincere
Son Clyde

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