Giles papers, 9 May 1914-13 May 1919 / Arthur Clyde Giles - Page 147

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We saw a great aroplane fight here yesterday, A Germen & one of ours. It was certainly the finest sight I have ever seen. Our fellows have the Germens very wet in the air. One cant credit the way they can handle their machines unless you see them. The Germen had to go down. Our fellows got six planes altogether yesterday so they arent doing too bad are they. Well guess I have spent Sunday very different to you. We had a splendid exhibition of a trench mortar bombardment this morning. I think the Germens would agree on that score.Judging by the look of their trench & now the Artillery is shaking him up again. There was a demonstration the other night by our Artillery on the Germens trenches & supports : Well the fire work displays one sees in Sydney were nothing to compare with it. We had all to stand to needless to say so that if the Germens started on us we wouldent be buried in our dugouts. The flares were going up in all directions & all colours. The Germens red flare for aid there was very good. There is no doubt they have some very fine lights. I may add it was raining [indecipherable] but the sight was that good no one noticed it. I must say it gives us all great pleasure to see the Germens parapet going into the air. We have had our first casualty in this section a couple of days ago one of our gun crew got hit he was firing over the parapet at a loop hole when a sniper got at him a cross fire struck the rifle over the magazine & through this fellows hand. Shattered the sinews.The Dr say he will be at two months away. I wouldent be surprised if he had a stiff hand then either

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