Giles papers, 9 May 1914-13 May 1919 / Arthur Clyde Giles - Page 240

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that is what I am thinking of &amp: one would be lucky to get out with only a stiff arm. But I dare say it shall come alright &amp: the spring will see me across in France for the opening Handicap. This is the M.G.s Base for all the different Armies to train. British N.Z. American Aust &amp: Canada. All have camps joining of coarse all have our own training grounds It is a Lord someones estate. The house is turned into a hospital &amp: we use the grounds for training on. Grantham is only a small place I haven't been in there since coming here although it is only three miles away &amp: there are motors running from the camp in there. We are allowed out of camp each day from 5.0 clock of an afternoon until 9.30 must be out of the town by that time.We marched through the place the night we came here. Then others have told me there isent anything to see. I believe there are a couple of picture shows. But can find any amount to do writing letters so haven't bothered about going in.. I have had a couple of letters from Bert since he has been a prisoner of coarse we cant say much just a case of I am well. Oh well he is the best off of the two of us he will see Australia again when it is all over that is more than I can say just now. Certainly I wouldent change him places for all that.I am pleased you were going to spend Xmas with

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