Giles papers, 9 May 1914-13 May 1919 / Arthur Clyde Giles - Page 235

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conscription the last time. I am pleased to see the strike has been settled across there. It is a pity they cant keep things going while this war is on at least. Oh well it wont be too long now before it is all over. I think next spring will settle it.America speaks of doing big things.We shall be only too pleased to watch her christening. Wont begrudge them the cheers etc. I haven't had anyword from Bert for some time now. I am glad he has worked his way into the cook house. He will have a warm billet for the winter if nothing else. That is half the battle being abel to keep warm. Oh how I used to wish I could walk on to a decent log &amp: set fire to it. Oh Australia is the best place after all.Wood is like gold across this side. We used to take duck boards or anything we could lay our hands on last winter. Mrs Titterington hasent received those views yet or hadent up to the time I was down there. Well father I have had a couple of letters from Miss Smith lately so must write her so shall cut this short or shant be abel to write her. Have about thirty letters here to answer. Will write you again as soon as I can get through this pile. Did you receive the photo I sent. Love to all
from your sincere son Clyde

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