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effects from the tampering with servants, Sly grog selling, and other criminal & disorderly practices to which the sale and appropriation, in simple, of such small and detached portions of land would give a facility, means of concealment, and organised character, hitherto unknown, and such as to render repression impossible, except at a cost for Police which could not be borne.

The grazing establishments of the larger landed proprietors in the Burrah Burrah District, as well as generally throughout the Country, operate as checks upon disorder and crime, and tend to decrease the Police Expenditure. There has never been a paid Constable, in the Burrah Burrah District nearer than Goulburn.

In every point of view, therefore, would we respectfully urge that the true policy of the Government is not to subject the established wool growing interests to an unfair and ruinous competition for the occupancy of Crown Lands, but to discourage the the sale of small farms, except in continuous groups and

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