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ascertained that unexpected obstacles have been raised in the Colony, and that Earl Bathurst's order has not been complied with, the particulars of which I have already submitted for your consideration, I am compelled to intrude again upon his Lordship's and your attention, by entreating that his Lordship will be pleased to direct that my Father may receive a grant of five thousand acres, adjoining his present estate, and out of the District coloured Green in the accompanying map (See Map marked A.) and which may extend from the allotment called Brisbane to the River Nepean; or that his Lordship will permit him to take the whole of the District, consisting of 10,700 acres, bounded in the north by the Nepean, on the west by Mount Hunter Creek, on the south by Brisbane, and in the East by West Camden, on his either agreeing to pay for the surplus of 5700 acres, at the highest price named by the Commissioner & to yield, in return, any annual quit rent Earl Bathurst may think it just to impose. Either of these plans will be acceptable to my Father, since he will be thus relieved from the painful necessity of renewing discussions in the Colony, with the local Government, and will be placed in early possession of a property which he has been anxiously expecting for many years, both as the reward of his past

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