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"I have again considered the reservation of the church land near the River and next your Boundary and see more than ever how absurd it is - I will therefore grant your Father that 1600 Acres, and run the line on from the West line of that allotment to a sufficient distance to include 5000 Acres. That will be unpopular, answered William, because the quantity of the land between that line and the W. line of West Camden cannot exceed 3100 - as it must stop at the North boundary of "Brisbane", wh runs entirely from W. Camden to Mt Hunter Creek. "Oh! but I will extend it to the South beyond the S. line of Brisbane", "all the land above Brisbane is so steep and Rocky, that it is good for nothing. I am sure my Father would not take that, but I will acquaint him with what you say" - The next morning I sent William to Govt H. confirming what he had said about the

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