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contamination of adjoining discarded or unimproved flocks sheep will be the best security, against a recurrence of evils, that have more than once alarmed us for the safety of the whole establishment.

The Grants of 1150 acres each, given to my sons James & William, by Your Excys' Predecessor; and a considerable portion of the upper part of Brisbane, are, from their wont of water, and difficulty of access, nearly useless, except during a very small portion of the year. I would therefore by permission to resign those three Grants; which, with the 5000 acres ordered by Lord Bathurst, make a total of 11808 acres.

By a reference to the accompanying chart, Your Excellency will observe a red line running from the termination of Hunters Rivulet, to the West boundary of West Camden; including the whole of the Govt. reserved lands, and a part of Brisbane; and containing about 12500 acres.

This tract of land, may be fenced at a moderate expense; it abounds in excellent sheep pasture: and, from its consolidated form and contiguity to Camden, would enable us to place all our flocks within limits, less difficult to be daly inspected. The Estate, being completely separated, by good boundaries, from other proprietors, we should look forward with more confidences, under Your Excellency's liberal auspices, to the completion of the object, that I have so many

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