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Really Major Goulburn is much reprehensible for such repeated neglect of my orders. I ordered him to write to your father immediately after the arrival of the Dispatch (the day I saw you at Sydney) informing him of its receipt and assuring him that it will be put into execution as early as practicable. I have asked Major G. every week since whether he had written and on tuesday last I repeated my order that he should do so immediately.

My first intention on the receipt of the Dispatch was to have written your father a letter of congratulation myself, but upon reflection, I thought delays might arise in the Secretary's Office and that such a letter might widen the Breach between your father & Major G. & do harm. Major G. must however be answerable for his disobedience of orders and I wish your father to write me such a letter as we spoke of yesterday. He then asked very particularly about your health & I answered these enquiries & then said that I had not yet communicated to you the conversation of yesterday, that I was convinced you would feel very great reluctance to write such a letter and that if he would have the goodness to read this extract from a note dated London 30th July he would see the ground of your reluctance. I here put into his hand the paper marked A which I have before mentioned. I

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