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Parramatta 29th Jany 1823


After the most serious consideration of what your Excellency was pleased to say yesterday on the subject of the land, ordered by Lord Bathurst to be granted to me at the Cow Pastures; I have not been able to express feelings of the severest mortification, and disappointment, that there should still exist any obstacle to my receiving the indulgence, which his Lordship has in such strong and flattering terms directed might be given to me, and these feelings I must confess are greatly aggravated when I recollect, that your Excellency was pleased, immediately after the receipt of his Lordships orders, to assure me that not only the 5000 acres should be granted in the situation pointed out by Lord Bathurst, but that you would sanction the exchange of such other parts of my sons and my Estates as should so consolidate the whole, that I might with the least chances of interruption proceed with the arduous labours in which I and my family have been so many years engaged, and which have already produced advantages to

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