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morning, requiring me to fulfil the conditions of payment for the Crown Land which I lately obtained by purchase.

By the earliest opportunity I do myself the honor to enclose an order on the Bank of NS Wales for "Eleven hundred and forty Dollars (1140). Allow me to request that you will do me the favor to return a receipt, specifying that the sum paid is in full discharge of the first instalment of ten pr Cent of the purchase money for the residue of the 5700 acres of the Estate of Cawdor sold to me by order of His Majst Sectr of State for the Colonies.

By a reference to my Letter of the 17th of April, you will perceive that I am not liable to be called upon for any payment on account of the purchase stated above until I receive the Grant or Deed of Conveyance, But being anxious to avoid a renewal of discussions, which might perhaps give trouble I have considered it much advisable to waive the informality of the demand for payment which has been made upon me.

I have the honor to be
   &c   &c   &c
Sd John Macarthur

F. Goulburn Esq
   &c   &c   &c  

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