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Leasing Plot.

In a former Letter by the Allens I sent you a Gazette published in Sept, containing an advertisement for leasing the reserved Lands of Cawdor - or what your Brother William, with some wit as named the debatable Land. On the 1st Oct I wrote to the Governor No. 1, reminding him that he had received orders from my Lord Bathurst to grant me 5000 Acres of the very Land advertised to be Leased, and soliciting that he would comply with the order - I scorned to remind him of his often repeated promise that the portion of this Estate should be alienated until My Lord Bathurst's further instructions should arrive. On the 7th of Oct an answer was written by the C S stating that my request could not be complied with (No 2). But an hour before this Letter reached me, Mr Macarthur called at Govt  House and was desired by the Govr. to tell me that I might have the whole Estate (See Minute No 3) - In consequence of this message I desired Bowman to call upon the Govr. and sinify [signify ?] that I accepted the offer - my object was to gain time and prevent the Land being Leased away in small portions to Ruffians, who would have speculated upon

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