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Chart upon this tract is built a miserable House called Govt House - the materials - green timber is the frame and the walls lath and plaster - altho' not long built it will not stand 12 months - and indeed was so miserably built and situated that it is of no use; the Superintendant who occupies it is obliged to send every day to our Estate for ration and the distance is 1 mile ¾, a great part of the land is of very inferior quality and much of it exceedingly wet and swampy - beneath this allotment of 4980 Acres, you will observe there are four divisions or seperate Estates marked - The one bounded by the River and Mt Camden 1600 Acres, is only seperated from Mr Oxley's Estate, Kirkham, by the Nepean River. I have long known that he has been most anxious to annex it to that Estate. The next allotment, bounded also by the River contains 2040 Acres which is also marked in figures upon it. There is another to the S. of this marked 2080

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