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[satis]faction to receive by Mr Justice [indecipherable] infiring [inferring?] that the dispatch from Government to Your Excellency is couched in the same liberal spirit, little more remains for me than to refer to the most prominent part of Mrs Wilmot's letter of the 11th July 1822 which states that the Earl Bathurst had been pleased to order me the land as soon as possible to my Original Grant of Camden that I may be enabled to accomplish the desirable object of having a tract of Country for preserving my flocks in their present state of purity and perfection without incurring the risk of loss or interruption from the establishment of neighbouring settlers.  -  not regarding this wise and important  provision to give [indecipherable] and security to our undertaking which all admit to be of great material importance both as it relates to the future welfare of the Colony and the interests of the mother Country. --- The Colonial Secretary  proposes to reserve common Land and a Township in the Very Centre of the intended grant. - an arrangement which would not only expose my flocks to the danger, but to the certainty of intermixture and contamination from the worst and probably the most, diseased sheep in the Colony -- and the reserved township might be [indecipherable] filled with occupants who would in a very short period leave me few sheep to

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