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James then presented him with the copy of your Letter to Mr Hunter, to press the moderation with which we had acted, and visited the substance of the information in your Letter to me - The Governor was delighted he had always wished me to have the Land - on Tuesday James and I went to Sydney - Your Brother saw the Governor - He returned your Letter was again very happy and desired I might be assured the moment he had Lord Bathursts orders I should have the land. James the called on Mr Oxley and some other business [men ?]. He immediately broke out - "Your Father has succeeded Major Goulburn has just read me the orders of Lord Bathurst and shewn me the chart, with all Cawdor marked Green - Judge of your Brothers astonishment - When this was reported to me I wrote the Letter No 10 - This appears to have 

[Written at side of page] The Leasing Plot

caused some alarm, and contrary to usage the Letter No 11 was sent to me next day - What will My Lord Bathurst say to this - Not only are his Lordship's orders read with contempt and evaded, but the individual who calculated all his difficulties are at an end, is insultingly told the rain that fell last night might will relieve your fuffing Flocks.

John Macarthur

31st Jan 1824

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