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Government House
Parramatta 14th Feb, 1824

My dear Sir

In reply to your letter of yesterday I have received the Governor's command to express his surprise, that your Father has not heard from the Colonial Secretary on the subject of the additional land ordered by a late dispatch in the Cowpastures as he desired a communication to be made three weeks ago, And when in Sydney last Tuesday he desired Major Goulburn to write and acquaint Mr Macarthur that he should be put in possession of the Land without delay.   Which His Excellency can in no way account for, except that it must have escaped him. -  but as the governor will be in Sydney on Monday he will again repeat the order.

I remain My dr Sir
[indecipherable] faithfully
(Signed J Pennell
Aide de Camp

James Macarthur Esqr
Etc.  Etc.  Etc.

Colonial Secretary's Office
17th Feb 1824


In compliance with a dispatch received from Lord Bathurst, I am directed to have the honor to [indecipherable] you that the Governor is ready to make [indecipherable] grant of the whole of the district supposed to consist of Ten Thousand seven hundred (10,700) acres bounded on the North by the Nepean, on the


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